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Florian Satzinger: Process Breakdowns Plus Work In Progress Film Clip

Please find the a short clip of the drawing process of this rough test design right below. This huge small-headed bird character was quasi the preliminary draft to the character at the end of this post. BTW, I had some sort of a bushy Christmas tree in mind (and a wee bit Seinfeld's Newman) in connection with the shape of the characters.

Here's the final version of the character plus the process breakdown sheet:

For a larger version of the breakdown sheet JUST CLICK HERE

Florian: Thumbnail Drawing

Update: I love playing around with drawings - in this case I added a sort of living vehicle. In the next post I will discuss the clean-up and colouring process of this piece... see you then! Btw, I declare this very critter to be my official "art center character". I will use this character for all of my future "art center shows" in various ways...

Photo: Wikimedia


Here's the original post:
A small scratchy sketch can work like a road map to your final drawing...

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