Mark McDonnell: Figure Drawing's Importance for Posing

This is a recent magazine article I was hired to write and provide examples of on the topic of the importance of dynamic and exaggerated posing.


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Willem Wynand said...

Very nice mate :)

Freddy Carrasco said...

nice pages.. im loving the looseness of these sketches . is this for an animation magazine?

Mike Moloney said...

I love how you put story first. A really excellent post, thanks Mark!

Dave Vasquez said...

Great stuff Mark!

Odd Pierrot said...

Mmmmmm... Do you really agree with censoring nudity in art? Disappointing...

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks guys, it was a fun one to do and slightly different from what I usually do when instructing.

The magazine that I did this article for is called 2D Artist.

Odd Pierrot,
I was asked to adjust the original published article to be "all-age" appropriate for this posting on the blogsite so everyone of all ages could enjoy the article as well as the work provided.



Simon Fleming said...

Great work! But I do agree with Odd Pierrot. I don't understand the all-age argument. By covering up the nude figure you sexualise it when there wasn't a sexual context to start with. All-ages know about the parts of the body now you are making those parts a point of query.

Robert said...

You shoulda done an actual fig leaf! A black bar implies scandal.

I'm going to guess that the choice of font for the body text was not yours. It's a ghastly choice for anything more than a line. It's a struggle to read.

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