Rad Sechrist: Making a pose better

Someone asked about making a pose better. The biggest one for me is using the z axis. So many times all the parts will be straight up and down and don't go in or out. Adding a little head tilt also makes a huge difference.

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Fabio Lai said...

Hi Rad
Very useful post, as usual.
Since I read your blog and Art Center I find myself paying more attention to every line's direction I trace. Now I look at my drawings from a different point of view, being very attentive to the rhythm in my characters and avoiding evenly spaced composition.
Just thank you, and keep posting.

Sam Nielson said...

I have the hardest time with this, but two of my biggest problems are drawing everything too flat and keeping the head too straight. I'll try to be more conscious of those things when I'd drawing, thanks for the tip!.

Jon Davis said...

Great post.
Just a few subtle changes can make the difference.
this is something worth keeping in mind :)

Jesse said...

Nive simple and helpful woo!

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