David Colman: Design Basics of Character Costume_Using The Model

It is important to know what is necessary and what is extraneous when dealing with your character's costume. Too often people get caught up in areas that can be omitted. Remember that the drapery draws the form, its tells the story of what the form underneath is actually doing. It can describe the volume, pose and overall feel of the character. Look for points of tension, key bends at the points of articulation, folds that describe the mass underneath,etc. The following is handout that describes the process of designing costume by using a model in a classroom setting. There is no wrong or right way to approach this, or anything for that matter. This is just a 4 part process of thinking that I use.
1:Envision: The forms and pose under the costume by identifying key landmarks displayed by the drapery
2:Drapery Describes(Tells A Story):
3:Designing The Costume and Drapery:Go for Main Shapes and Streamline Folds
4:Dont Be Arbitrary: Use Design Principles when Dressing Your Characters; Straight against curve...etc

I have broken it down into 4 parts but eventually your should see string it all together making the process fluid and lyrical.

I will later explain how the construction of the character's costume can really tell who they are all on its own, and have its own communication channel with the audience all for the sake of the character narrative.

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