Mark McDonnell: Taking It To The Next Level - Finishing Your Sketches


Rodney Baker said...

Very nice. It's good to be reminded of the relationship between the sketch and gesture and the story. My high school teacher's most astute critique of my sketchbook ended thusly, "...but your drawings are seldom finished." Ouch. That hurt... but she was right.

Thanks Mark!

tokyobanana said...

Hello, I'm a french drawer from france , I work in animation industries since 3 years , and it's been a while since I follow your blog but I was not sure of asking for a submission ... And I think maybe it's time now so if you got a minute please take look on my blog and if it's possible to submit my profile on your " character design blogspot " could you give me a little "ok ,why not" or tell me how I could erase that shame that I can barely feel now ... thank you for understanding my english, and have good days under the sun

rad sechrist said...

Tokyobanana: Yes! I'm really glad you want to join the blog. your stuff is spectacular. I just sent you an invite and added you to the links.

Mark McDonnell said...


Thank you for sharing your story . . . and yes we have all had a similar reaction if not more direct in other ways along the way down the road. Sometimes finishing a drawing or sketch is merely finishing the idea behind it without rendering every hair or placing a fancy line over the top of the drawing for clarity it really depends what it's being used for.

Your work is FANTASTIC and your sense of design is wonderfully well accomplished. I love your shape language as well as your negative spaces to make the power or your illustrated areas speak louder in your environment sketches. Thanks to Randal and Rad as they have already sent you an invite.

All my best and thanks guys,