Florian Satzinger: Rough Process

Update: There was a question about the zoom level I'm using:
33,3%-50% for the blue rough sketch

100% for the clean-up line work:

This was entirely done in Photoshop with an Intuos4. I did this piece btw in parallel with the motor suit I posted here earlier.


chromasketch said...

ooh nice stuff

Tony said...

amazing stuff!

I have so much difficult to draw in a intuos 4, I am more confortable to draw in a piece of paper... but, I wish to be able to draw in a tablet the same way... =/

or... I just have to be more confident...

thanks, your process is awesome!

Shane Smith said...

Very cool design!

Do you stay at the same zoom level to keep things loose or zoom in as the image progresses?

Florian Satzinger said...

Brian! :) Cheers!

Tony, thanks too. It is something that comes with practice and playing!

Shane, yes, I zoom in as the image progresses. In Photoshop like 33,3%-50% for the rough part and 100% (actual pixel size) for the clean-up. Thanks for commenting here!

martina said...

Your ability to share Information is a talent and very appreciated

Ooooh great stuff...Im sharing this info ...glad I popped over..!


Florian Satzinger said...

Martina, thanks for the kind feedback!

Michael Daley said...

Wow! Your final lines still retain a lot of life. Beautiful!

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