Jason Scheier: Landscape Digital Painting Creation.

Here are three videos I recently put together documenting my quick sketching process in Adobe Photoshop CS5. They usually begin with an abstract layout, keeping in mind foreground, middle ground, and background. My process is usually very fluid and organic. Being malleable in the initial stages will help the paintings become spontaneous and fresh as they develop further. Incorporating reference photography quickly creates textures and blueprints for how the paintings will develop. The idea with using photos, is primarily for jumping levels quickly from painted to photographic. The trick is to control the amount of painted elements by creating a balance between both.

It's important to start applying some key rules with speed painting. Local colors, bounced light, focal point, and emphasis of design. Unification of elements such as shape design, and visual cues to bank the eye throughout the landscape.

Important things to keep in mind even in the loose sketching phase:

Perspective, A sense of reality, lighting, selective vision, whether its an establishing shot, medium shot, close-up, extreme close-up, rules of thirds, size relationships, screen direction, avoiding tangents, abstractions, positive and negative space, atmospherics, order vs. chaos, and complex vs. simple.

The key is to start abstract, and to apply grounding rules as you progress in your painting.

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy! If you would like to see future demos, I encourage comments and feedback. I love helping others find their working process, and inspiring most of all.

-Jason Scheier


Ian Jacobson said...


Anonymous said...

"The key is to start abstract"...I feel as if I've been hearing that a lot lately! Thanks for sharing, what an oasis of knowledge this blog is!

Jason Scheier said...


No Problem Erik!! I'm happy you enjoyed the paintings! ;)

SCIBOTIC said...

What kind of studies do you think are most beneficial to speed painting environments?

siddharth said...

whats with flipping the comp so often??

Yann Mingant said...

thanks for sharing your knoledge ! very interresting way to work.

Jason Scheier said...

scibotic-for doing studies, I recommend doing studies from life. it's always best to try it first in a traditional medium. Once you feel comfortable tackling a few plein air paintings. You should make a transition to painting digital. Doing film studies helps bring up your speed and execution, as well as studying classic master painters. I hope that helps! :)

Siddarth-It's essential to flip to make sure your composition is not feeling lopsided. In addition the read from left to right, and right to left can especially benefit your sense of design. You flip, and suddenly you obtain a fresh eye on the painting. It also is an old technique the masters used to do using a mirror and turning their backs to their paintings.

Thank you Yann! I'm very stoked you enjoyed them! :)

SCIBOTIC said...

Thank you Jason! Very helpful.

Jason Scheier said...

Your welcome Scibotic! ;)

Grant Kratzer said...

where do you find your brushes? i really enjoyed your process! its pretty incredible. Keep up the awesome work!!

Jason Scheier said...

Hey Grant! Most of my brushes I created myself, others were traded to me from work friends etc. There are lots of concept artists and designers now sharing their brush-packs online. I'm very excited you enjoyed the paintings, and process! I will post more soon! All the best, JS

Stewart said...

Thanks so much, these are great. Your reference photo library impressive, I'd better start collecting more.

I've heard it but didn't realized the importance of reference until seeing these.

Jason Scheier said...

reference is extremely important in all avenues of creation. Whether it be for a sequence in animation, painting, or drawing characters. We draw upon places and things we have seen before. Through our experiences others can connect and relate to our vision. It's smart to find unique and abstract ways to use our references in our paintings and designs. ;)

Marco Trisorio said...

Hallo Jason, thanks for sharing, very useful and inspiring!! what kind of exercises do you think are most important for speed painting?
thanks again seeya

Jason Scheier said...

For speed-painting, I would say just going for it right out of the gate! Taking the time to exercise creation from shapes! Trying to make quick decisions by using abstract forms to strike unique compositions. As you progress you will find remarkable things. Recognizable motifs that you have drawn from observation and experience. Things you have seen from day to day occurrences. The overhang on a building you pass everyday, the mountain on your last camping excursion, and the drawings you did when you were a kid. It's all there, and its all pure creation! Cheers Marco!! :)

Cornelia said...

Hi Jason,
I would really love to see this too, but unfortunately it is not available in Germany. Do you think you could post it in an all common way?
This ist German English! Please don't laugh :-)

Anonymous said...

what cornelia ment is that due to the audio tracks, we germans can only watch one out of three of the videos. I too would enjoy seeing them in a non UMG , sony, etc tagged copyright censorship P;

more engrish for you !

anyway the comments are educating themself P;

Marco Trisorio said...

Thanks so much Jason! i really do love your style, the way how you establish an environment it's astonishing. hope to see more soon, and btw i'll follow straight your precious advice!

jarom84 said...

thanks for sharing your talent. im working to become a better artist in many fields, photoshop being one of them. I would really like to know more about the process, such as what tools you were using and why.

Jason Scheier said...

Connie/Surthur-I will try, :)

Marco-Thanks so much, and my pleasure bud!

J-Thanks/feel free to ask anything you might be curious about!

Luca said...

thanks for sharing!

I liked the list of things to keep in mind, just one question, what do you mean by "a sense of reality"?

Gustavo Grazziano said...

Thanks for the vídeos, Jason Scheier!

But I no more can watch then. The youtube says that they a restrict for some users, you know why?

All the best!!

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