Mark McDonnell: Working with Style & The Female Form Union/Disney Handout

I don't generally share too much of what I teach as it's either for the Studio's or for the classes I teach at the Animation Union/American Animation Institute, LAAFA and 3Kicks and I would like to give the students some one-of-a-kind instruction and first dibs on the ideas I teach.  But in celebration of my Birthday yesterday...I thought I'd share as it's nice to give back and let everyone have something to play with (if interested). 




Gribouilli said...

oh that's great. Thank you very much. This is very interesting!

Mark Dizon said...

Thank you so much for this! Happy birthday too!

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks guys. It's my pleasure, these principles are so's nice to get a chance to place them down on a page all in one place.

All my best,


andreas schuster said...

Awesome, thanks!

Mark McDonnell said...

My pleasure. This is such a great site to be a part of as like minded creative people can talk about the things they
Ove. Very cool, thanks again Andreas!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the student pamphlet. Rich with info and a great learning resource for me.

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