Florian Satzinger: Truism Or Not

It seems that I'm the only one left here who's keeping up posting morale ;-) Anyways, here are some sketchy warm-ups, old and new. Warm-ups always help me getting in my design "zone". Whether a truism or not, it is still true.


runninghead said...

Great stuff Woulter (as always). I have an RSS feed I check every morning to alert me to posts here by the way, mainly in the hope of seeing more of your sketches :)

Unknown said...

It's indeed great stuff. But these here are Florian Satzinger's :-)

Unknown said...

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Gerald said...

You could give a sample for an animation. I'm sure kids will will love to see your work.

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Unknown said...

Good name for your artwork. I like it a lot.

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