Mark McDonnell: Marker Rendering (Part 01 and Part 02)

Here are two new videos that are PART 01 and PART 02 on the topic of MARKER RENDERING for the Animation and Entertainment Industry. These videos talk about how and why markers are such an important medium to use in the quick paced world of the Animation and Entertainment Industry. Whether for a concept design project or for sketching on location, here's some tricks and tips.

PART 01:


PART 02:

All my best,


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mokou said...

holy cow, i had just ordered some prisma markers and spent the day combing through the internet for anything on marker techniques. this is wonderful, thanks!!

de aap said...

Great post, man! Your videos are really helpful, and fun to watch too because you make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing!

Don't they do all this digital these days, though?

Jon Hart said...

wow thanks for that post, I just started to play with Rendering Markers as well, so fun!

Tony Tony said...

simply amazing!

thanks to share all those tips and ideas,
it´s great and helpfully to see how masters work and make it seems so easy to do!

I wish someday share my own tips and ideas and help people like you do!

thanks again

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I can happily smell them from here.

I work all digitally for work and traditionally when I'm out sketching and for the classes I instruct at Disney, Dreamworks and at other Institutions.

It's a nice thing to have on hand and in your bag of tricks.

Masters . . .well I think I have quite a ways to go but thank you for the kind comment. You should do it if you're into it. It's quite easy to start a blog as well as a YouTube page and such.



Rob Corley said...

Nice job Mark and love seeing your work on here buddy!

kanishk said...

Your videos are really helpful.
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Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks my man . . . you're quite a talent yourself my friend. We gotta find another project to work together on again. Best to you and the family.

Thank you for letting me know. . . I'm busy making more so stand by.

Best to everyone,


rhemrev said...

Especially liked the pass with the brushpen after the inksketch, defenitly gonna try that this weekend!


Mark McDonnell said...


Thank you for the nice comment . . . I have none other than Marcelo Vignali to thank for the use and idea of the "Pentel - Color Brush Pen" that the second ink pen is. It's a great way to get some variety.



Skid said...

Awesome, I've been playing with markers a lot lately and its a bit intimidating. This is helping me clear it up a bit more. So you mostly shade with grays than laying a darker color on top? I've just been adding a darker version of red to the lighter red and then finishing it off with pencil crayons cause I chicken out. I want to ditch work now and run home and use my markers! Thanks for this!

Mark McDonnell said...


I actually build up the color as well and just add subtle hints of grey where I feel I need to tone down the color and add a cooler area where I have already gone too far with the color as you shouldn't need it but . . . it's best to have a great many tools in the bag I suppose.