Mark McDonnell: "MAC Sketchbook Sessions" 02

Hey Guys,

Here is an all new video which is the SECOND of my How To Draw In Your Sketchbook that I'm calling the "MAC Sketchbook Sessions" for the Animation and Entertainment Industry. I do get a lot of questions of how I go about drawing in my sketchbook and what I'm going for. The fact of the matter is that ANYTHING is possible, so I find it's best for me to attack a certain area of focus. That focus could actually be a great many things, so trying to be specific to me is a great help to ease the 8 MILLION things that could be drawn. In my current "lunchtime" sketchbook, I am focusing on design but using different approaches with marker to capture the right color I'm going for.

This video is again an over the shoulder view of my flipping through my second of many personal sketchbooks and giving commentary. I hope it's enjoyable.

All my best,


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Florian Satzinger said...

Again, I LOVE watching you draw! And many thanks for your very kind comment :)

rad sechrist said...

Nice sketchbook, it was cool to see it in person.

Tony said...

Hi Mark!

It´s always inspiring to see your sketchbook.

When you were learning to draw you used to keep a sketchbook as well? Or Do you just started to use one when you already knew how to draw?
or... Do you have a "boring" sketchbook with drawings that you don´t show to anyone... ?

That seems to be a silly question, but... I really have this doubt. It´s because everybody I know that has a beautiful sketchbook seems to be so great and wonderful that the person never need to draw boring things to get there, they just draw well, like magic! haha

I´m learning so much with you guys, thanks a lot!

bye! =D

Geoff Wheeler said...

Thanks for sharing, Mark!

Mark McDonnell said...

Thank you for the kind comments guys.

You're a serious talent . . . thank you.

Thanks my man. More to come and I can't wait to hear how your new class goes.

I DEFIANTLY kept a sketchbook . . . and I'm still learning to draw! It's a great way to either lightly commit or wholeheartedly commit to a drawing or a thought pattern. I feel that many of the drawings in this post are not many of my "favorite" but it's a great way to move forward and to try new things that hopefully you can use later - whether in shape design or technique.

No magic here just a dedication that seems so familiar amongst artists. I do prefer to do many traditional drawings as it really does force you to make a decision (thought out) and stick to it and follow it through. No Cont-Z involved but working digitally is JUST as important and that' show I work professionally. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE . . . I'm still practicing, we all are. Accepting the challenge is the hardest thing.


My pleasure my man.

All my best,


Mark McDonnell said...


Tony said...

Hi Mark!

Thanks to answer my question! =D

I would love to see Rad teach comic classes! =D


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